BlueRipples Technologies

Automated Battery Cycling System




ABC System is a battery performance & reliability test equipment used for automatic charging/discharging of Li-ion batteries and monitoring specific parameters and characteristics with continuous round the clock unmanned operations.
In the current scenario, performance verification of batteries takes a long time since it involves manual intervention & conducting multiple charging & discharging test cycles to analyze Cell-wise Performance.
Our system monitors voltage and current with high precision for every cell also the temperature of battery pack. The system can also carry out customized monitoring with specific conditions and impulses.


Time-saving with
Simultaneous battery
charging and discharging.

Provision to specify
battery characteristics
and test conditions.

Individual cell
evaluation & reports.

Remote monitoring

Variable input
and output.

Configurable and
customizable Battery
array system.

Improved efficiency in
the battery performance
verification process

Custom data
monitoring & analysis