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Blue Ripples Technologies is a pure-play software services organization with a wealth of experience across Power Generation, Power T&D, SmartGrid, Oil & Gas, Industrial automation, and Semiconductor domains. Conceived by industry veterans, Blue Ripples Technologies helps our customers to seamlessly integrate digital technologies, IoT, AI, mobile technologies, big data analytics, and automation into their products and solutions in Energy and Industry 4.0 domains. We offer our expertise in software engineering across new product introduction, product sustenance, enhancements, verification & validation. Join us to navigate the transformative landscape, where we ensure precision, reliability, and excellence.

Automation Systems

At Blue Ripples, we excel in crafting sophisticated automation systems that streamline industrial processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and precision. The tailored solutions meet the evolving needs of industries navigating the complexities of Industry 4.0.

Connected Platforms

We enable OEMs to embrace the future with connected platforms, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across diverse industrial domains. Our connected platform services are designed to bring in greater integration, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation.​ Whether you are envisaging a smart connected factory or a wide area data acquisition and control scenario such as DERMS, we will be able to assist you with those requirements.

Industrial Interoperability

With a significant focus on industrial interoperability, Blue Ripples Technologies excels in navigating the complexities of standardizing systems. Our expertise spans Power Generation, Power T&D , Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing industries. We have extensive experience working with standards such as CIM, IEC61850 and OPCUA and with integration of industrial protocols. We specialize in developing interoperable gateways for data exchange between systems and in integrating IT and OT systems.

HMI and Operational Applications

Blue Ripples Technologies brings data to life through advanced visualization solutions. Our expertise in creating intuitive and insightful interfaces empowers decision-makers with a real- time understanding of complex industrial processes. Visualization capabilities include Wide area monitoring use cases such as grid monitoring apps, web HMIs, operator/field service mobile applications, and operational apps

Edge Computing

Blue Ripples Technologies leverages cutting-edge edge computing and analytics to bring intelligence closer to industrial processes. It ensures faster decision-making, reduced latency and enhanced performance in the age of Industry 4.0.
Our edge computing focus areas are

Industrial Analytics

Our sophisticated Big Data, AI & ML capabilities redefine how industries harness and analyze vast datasets. Our expertise in generating insights by integrating different types of datasets will help your organization in dealing with streaming data.​ Besides this, we can help organizations that work with different types of datasets including time series, document-based, columnar, RDBMS, graph as per the need. From strategic decision-making to optimizing operational efficiency, our Big Data Solutions empower your enterprise to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of Industry 4.0.

Configuration Tools

Whether to develop an equipment configuration tool, a complex IEC 61850 based Configuration tools for a substation automation system, or a network modelling tool, BlueRipples has the expertise to develop such kind of applications over different platforms.

Test Systems

Blue Ripples Technologies boasts a robust capability in developing comprehensive Testing & Diagnostics Tools. From performance verification systems to standard compliance tools, we specialize in crafting solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our expertise extends to advanced equipment diagnostics tools, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability across industrial operations.

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