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Blue Ripples Technologies becomes member of leading Industry Forum- OpenEMS

Blue Ripples Technologies becomes member of leading Industry Forum- OpenEMS

It is with great pleasure that Blue Ripples Technologies has become a member of OpenEMS, an important platform in the industry that focuses on the improvement of the efficiency of energy management systems in the field, with support from various organizations. We are glad to be the part of a collective that is dedicated to advocating sustainable practices and advancing energy creativity. OpenEMS and Blue Ripples Technologies visions align very much towards solutions for the digital power grid and complex energy management.

Energy management is seen as a field of immense importance when it comes to the determination of the future state of the energy industry. That is, optimizing consumption, minimizing losses and integrating distributed energy resources towards building a sustainable environment. By joining OpenEMS, we look forward to work with other organisations, learn from new perspectives, and make the right changes that can influence the industry and the environment positively.

We feel privileged to partner with OpenEMS forum in this endeavor. With OpenEMS and our array of services, we are now excited to partner with OEMs on new projects, achieve technological advances on energy management and start leading by example on establishing best practices.

To learn more about our developments and experience in contributing to the effectiveness of energy management, please, find more information at our website or join us at LinkedIn.