Blue Ripples

At Blue Ripples Technologies, our vision is to spearhead digital transformation within the energy and industrial sectors. We are committed to empowering our clients to not only adapt but thrive and excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through our comprehensive services, we aspire to serve as the driving force behind our customers' technological advancement, facilitating the development of smart, intelligent, and sustainable systems that contribute to a brighter and more prosperous world.

Blue Ripples Technologies is on a mission to redefine the landscape of technology innovation in the Energy and Industrial sectors. Our commitment is unwavering as we deliver groundbreaking solutions that accelerate the seamless integration of emerging technologies. Rooted in a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and relentless innovation, we aspire to be the catalyst propelling our clients toward unparalleled success. Our vision extends beyond the ordinary, steering them into a future characterized by digital advancement and resilience.

We invest in the most
advanced technology
out there. People.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We have a team of amazing developers drawing inspiration from a range of platforms to identify highly configurable and scalable solutions.

Sree Pillai


Vineeth P Jospeh

Principal Architect

Francis Jacob

Industrial Automation Specialist

Jerry John Samuel

Delivery Project Manager

Surajith S

Senior UI/UX Developer

Malu Manikandan

Software Tester

Abhijith V M

Control Engineer

Sumisha P S

Software Developer

Vijaylal S V

Director Solutions Engineering

Hirosh Kumar H

Lead Software Development

Roby Joseph

Senior Infrastructure Specialist

Sreejith PM

Lead Software Development

Dilshad P

Senior Software Developer

Neethu S

Software Developer

Akhil Rajan R V

Software Developer

Amit Rathi

Software Developer

Lalu George

Director Technology Services

Neethu Nandan

Senior Operations Executive

Merin Shaji

Senior Technical Architect

nikhil s

Lead Finance

Abitha Anil

Software Developer

Upanya Krishnan

Software Tester

Arun M

Senior Accounts Executive

Sinnu Rose Philipose

Software Tester

Anand s viswanath

Director Operations

Anoop Chandran M S

Senior Software Developer

Nithin Gangadharan

Client Partner


Senior Software Developer

Minnu Merlin Joy

Software Developer

Dipin S

Software Developer

Raveena S Anand

HR Executive

Abhinav G G

Software Developer

Anjana Gangadharan

Software Developer

Sarath S Pillai

Software Developer

Vishnu J Pillai

Software Developer